What makes H&M special?

H&M’s business thought is to offer design and quality at the best cost in a practical manner. With a wide and differed item range, H&M makes it simple for any individual who is into design to communicate their very own style.

How well known is H&M?

Although 30% of fashion store customers in the United States say they like H&M, 39% of respondents in the United States who are familiar with the brand actually do. What is the use portion of H&M in the US? In total, H&M is used by 20% of fashion store customers in the United States.

Is H&M a brand from Japan?

The H&M story starts when Erling Persson opens the main Hennes store in Västerås, Sweden, selling ladies’ clothing. In Norway, the first store outside of Sweden opens.

What is H&M brand message?

We have confidence in individuals. We are all that we can be and draw out the best in everybody and the business. We enable and trust others to take possession and embrace assorted points of view. We pay attention to and gain from our partners.

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